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【人初千日】指的是從一個胚胎受胎開始, 往後推算1000天的日子, 這個大約三年的日子, 是人類一生當中最重要的生命階段, 但也是最脆弱的生命階段。在這個1000天當中所發生的所有「戲劇化」發展方面的變化, 是在其他生命階段永遠不可能重新來過的。這一些在此階段發生的驚人發展, 包含了:肢體發展、社會情緒發展、認知發展、語言發展、神經發展…等許多領域的發展。要確保所有寶寶都擁有最好的生命開端, 要保護他們發展全方位潛能的機會, 再沒有什麼比促進【人初千日】覺醒更重要的事情了。

The onset of【the 1st 1000 days】is the successful conception of a baby, and it lasts for 1000 days, proximately 3 years. It is the most essential life stage of a human being, but also the most fragile life stage of a human being. All dramatic developmental changes happened within this period can never reappear again in later years. These development changes include physical development, social emotional development, cognitive development, language development, neurological development, and many other developmental fields. To ensure all babies have the best start to life, and to protect their opportunities to reach full potential, nothing is more important to promote the【the 1st 1000 days】awareness.

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